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Function is introduced
This product is the new generation of intelligent solar recharge controller, the industrial product design reliability, with super stability and high life-span
★The department example product automatic identification system voltage 24V 12V and
★This controller is used to protect battery, avoid solar battery overcharge wants and load had put
★Adopted MCU control, five charging and discharging LED indicator, capacity state
★With strong charger, balanced filling and floating filling 3-sectional series PWM adjust charging ways
★Automatic detection and tracking outside and battery temperature, the built-in temperature compensation function
★Have overall electronic protection function: it has the overcharge put, overload, short-circuit, answer the reverse, etc
★Has the TVS lightning protection, no jump line design, can enhance the system reliability and durability
★Parameter Settings with power lost save functions, namely system model and control parameters and other important data are stored in
Chip inside, fell after power not to lose, and makes the system more reliable.
★All control all adopt industrial-class chips and precision components, can in cold, high temperature, humid environment normal operation

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